Find The HDF Group at Supercomputing '19

This year at Supercomputing '19, The HDF Group will be involved in two birds of a feather (BoF) events. Lead HPC Engineer Jerome Soumagne will be leading a BoF, Enabling Data Services for HPC, while Elena Pourmal and the rest of The HDF Group staff attending SC19 will be at a BOF entitled HDF5 and Its role in Exascale, Cloud, and Object Stores. Both of these BoFs take place on Tuesday, November 19, at 5:15 p.m.

We will post presentation decks from the HDF5 and Its role in Exascale, Cloud, and Object Stores presentation on our website at

One of the BoF presenters is our partner, OpenIO. Earlier this year, we worked with OpenIO to integrate Kita into their service. You can read more about this integration, or stop by OpenIO’s booth, #367. In addition to OpenIO’s staff, you’ll find Dax Rodriguez, director of commercial services and solutions spending some of his unscheduled time in the booth.

Can’t make it to the BOF or exhibit hall? We’d be glad to find a time to meet with you. You can use this form to reach out.

Hi all,

Just a reminder, our SC19 BOF Enabling Data Services for HPC is at 5:15 today in rooms 405-406-407.

For those following along at home, we’ve posting presentations at As of right now, we have most (but not all) of the slide decks posted and will keep adding content as it’s received.