FIlter HDF dataset from H5 file using attribute



I have an .h5 file containing multiple groups and dataset .Each dataset is associated with attributes with it.
I want to find/filter the datasets from thiss h5 file based upon the respective attribute associated with it.

dataset1 =cloudy(attribute)
dataset2 =rainy(attribute)
dataset3 =cloudy(attribute)

Here I want to find the datasets having only cloudy as weather attribute/metadata.

What will be the simplest way to get this done.using python



Visitor pattern – described in GoF – is the standard approach; you can do a depth or breath first traversal on the tree.
Luckily there also is a CAPI implementation H5Lvisit and H5Lvisit_by_name.
Doing this in python left as an exercise. Hope it helps…


Thanks steven for providing references,but H5Lvisit and H5Lvisit_by_name. works in c and cpp only not for python.
Is there any method adjacent to H5Lvisit and python environment which can solve my problem


May be this example will be helpful?

Thank you!