File permisson issue for hdfview 3.1.2 centos 7 rpm install on Fedora 33

I used sudo dnf install hdfview-3.1.2-1.x86_64.rpm on Fedora 33 (the README suggests
localinstall, but the dnf man page calls that a “deprecated alias”). The dnf install ran, but the permissions were 700 for executables and directories, 600 for regular files. I adjusted permissions (755 for directories and then 644 for regular files) using find, and then made bin/HDFView executable. This seems to have worked. Normally, the rpm provides these

Thank you. This was the first time we provided a rpm (or a deb) file for linux. It was one of the reasons for using the new jpackage tool from openJDK 15. We will add this to the list of improvements for next the next release.