Feature request for h5dump: "argv[i]" means "-d argv[i]" for i > 1

Similar to the way that h5diff assumes one means the whole file unless
one specifies ob1, etc.

   h5diff [OPTIONS] file1 file2 [obj1[obj2]]

would you please consider changing h5dump so that in addition to

   h5dump -d dataset1 -d dataset2 -d dataset3 file

one can write

   h5dump file dataset1 dataset2 dataset3

generalizing to

   h5dump file [obj...]

Three reasons:

0) argv[2+] needs love too.
1) I often find myself repeating an h5dump command, and, though I love
my .inputrc, backspacing is easier than cursoring back over multiple
2) In bash or other suitably nice shells, "h5dump file dataset{1,2,3}"
would be quite sweet.