Failure to AppendPacket with packet table of compound type containing large array

Pretty much as described in the title. We use packet tables to stream data
from test systems. Each packet table consists of a table of compound types,
Each C is identical in size within the table (fixed size packet table), and
consists of:
32 bit int
32 bit unsigned int <== 1st two ints represent a timestamp
16 bit int <== the origin of the data in the system
32 bit int
data - array N of <type>

Now, if N is <= 32760 then we can AppendPacket ok.
If N is (for example) 49000, AppendPacket fails.

Searching the forum suggests this may be related to the article by

This is not a complete killer for us yet, since such large arrays are not
currently used by our customers, BUT, 32760 is a very small number to hit as
a limit.
Anyone got any ideas?
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