Extracting dataset from HDF5 table with GZIP compression


Hello all,

I have this kind of properties for my dataset that I wanted to extract:

As the image attached, the dataset is being compressed with GZIP filters (level 6). I try to find some documentation of compressing the dataset using filters but did not find any on extracting the value from the dataset. Any documentation on the filters and compression or example on decompressing the dataset using the Cpp is welcomed.


(Did you know that you can export directly from HDFView?)

I think the easiest way on offer (for C++) would be to use the HDFql C++ bindings and a query like this:

SELECT FROM "/Waveforms/Channel 1/Channel 1Data" INTO [file options] FILE target_file

See section 6.3.2 in the HDFql reference manual, which also has examples.