Experiences with HDF5 and memory safe languages?

We have some data processing situations where our group (or at least I) have a preference for statically linked, compiled code. To date that has been either C or Fortran. I’m interested in finding a programming language that is inherently memory safe and has a solid interface to HDF5. We’d use it for our bookkeeping operations where we would normally use C (Fortran is a bit clumsy for this type of application). Candidates would include languages such as Rust, Go, Dlang; perhaps ones I haven’t heard of.

If anyone on the Forum has experience working with HDF5 and such a language I’d like to hear about it. I’ll note that I’m not worried about inherent memory safety for the underlying HDF5 library–I’m happy to rely on the The HDF Group’s testing of the C code for assurance there, so an interface to the Group’s library from the memory safe language is fine, perhaps even preferred.

Thanks. --dan