Error when Read third-party filter compressed HDF5 file with MATLAB

I am trying to read the ‘HDF5 B3D filter’ compressed .h5 file in MATLAB.
I was able to read uncompressed .h5 files in MATLAB. However, when I tried to read the B3D compressed .h5 file in MATLAB, I got errors, saying " H5Z_pipeline required filter ‘HDF5 B3D filter’ is not registered".

date = h5read(‘B3D_demo_drosophila_compressed.h5’,’/B3D_Lossless’);
Error using h5readc
The HDF5 library encountered an error and produced the following stack trace information:

H5Z_pipeline       required filter 'HDF5 B3D filter' is not registered
H5D__chunk_lock    data pipeline read failed
H5D__chunk_read    unable to read raw data chunk
H5D__read          can't read data
H5Dread            can't read data

Error in h5read (line 58)
[data,var_class] = h5readc(Filename,Dataset,start,count,stride);

Also, I tried running:
[majnum,minnum,relnum] = H5.get_libversion()
in MATLAB to initialize the HDF5 library of Matlab. But, it still did not work.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thank you!