Error using HSDS with NREL


Getting raise IOError(f"Error retrieving data: {ioe.errno}") when running Gen.reV_run. I checked my API has limits remaining and sometimes the example runs and sometimes it doesn’t. Any help would be appreciated.

import os
import numpy as np
from reV import TESTDATADIR
from reV.config.project_points import ProjectPoints
from reV.generation.generation import Gen
from rex import init_logger

init_logger('reV', log_level='DEBUG')
lat_lons = np.array([[ 41.25, -71.66],
                     [ 41.45, -71.78]])

res_file = '/nrel/wtk/conus/wtk_conus_2014.h5'  # HSDS 'file' path
sam_file = os.path.join('C://Users/Admin/Anaconda/envs/rev/','wind_gen_standard_losses_0.json')

pp = ProjectPoints.lat_lon_coords(lat_lons, res_file, sam_file)
gen = Gen.reV_run('windpower', pp, sam_file, res_file, max_workers=1,
                  out_fpath=None, output_request=('cf_mean', 'cf_profile'))



The reV package is maintained by NREL; I don’t have experience with it myself. You may want to create an issue here: and see is the project maintainers have some suggestions. I’ll be happy to jump in if it can be pinned down to a specific HSDS problem.