*** Error: unable to load table data ***

CLASS at / [GLOBAL_GEDI_val_part_000.h5 in C:\Users\LOVE\Desktop] [ dims0, start0, count1, stride1 ]
*** Error: Data object ‘images’ has dimension of size 0. ***
*** Error: Data object ‘images’ has dimension of size 0. ***
*** Error: unable to load table data ***
The HDF5View version 3.3.1 encounters an error when attempting to open “images”, but you are able to read it successfully using Python code with the h5py library and the hdf5plugin .


If python h5py reads images but HDFView can’t it means there is an issue with HDFView processing of the dataset.

import h5py
import hdf5plugin

file_path = 'C:/Users/LOVE/Desktop/GLOBAL_GEDI_val_part_000.h5'

# Open the HDF5 file
with h5py.File(file_path, 'r') as hdf:
    # Access the 'images' dataset
    if 'images' in hdf:
        images_data = hdf['images'][:]
        print("'images' dataset is not found in the HDF5 file.")

This code will read the images dataset within the HDF5 file. If HDFView is not working for your needs.

Could you post the link to get the file, I would like to debug to see what the problem could be as all the tests we currently run do not indicate why this file should fail.

Also, is that dataset compressed? Which compression? There was a version of 3.3.1 that accidentally was released without standard compression and we republished (create date of Aug 26).

It looks like this tool works:

and is able to show the datasets. So it appears that there is something wrong with HDFView, but not HDFViewApp

The file is working flawlessly with the online viewer:

Hi @byrn,

I am a user having the same issue. I am using version 3.3.1 from the website:

Is there szip compression issue? This is a proprietary file that I received from a vendor, so I can’t share it.

Also the download page is missing for previous releases? Is there anywhere I can get an older version to test?

The only difference between the two are the installation technique; HDFViewApp is the compressed install directory, HDFView uses a platform specific install program.
The installation files should be identical after install. (The HDF5 runtime libs should have Sep 7 dates)

Again, be sure the downloaded file has a create date of Sep 22 for linux and Sep 26 for windows.

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