Erroneous Source Code in .zip files (lastest release and earlier)


I have found the .zip files at not to be working for me, since it was causing problems when running “./configure” independent of the flags set and compiler used:
-had to run dos2unix for several files
-had to run “autoreconf -fi”
-still got the error “.in’ig.status: error: cannot find input file: `src/libhdf5.settings”
Could reproduce this for hdf5-1.12.0 and also happend with hdf5-1.10.5 (.zip downloads only ofc!).

Then found that downloading the .tar file and running “./configure” worked perfectly!
I guess this problem with the zip download files is not intended and therefore I report it.

my system: opensuse leap 15.1

I hope I didn’t miss any information and this is actually the intended behaviour :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately, I’m kind of newbish so if I missed to give necessary information, please let me know :slight_smile:
Kind regards

HI Paul,

The files ending in “.zip” are for running on Windows. The other files (.tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2) are for Unix.
I’ll see if a description of each file can be added to the download page.

The page with links to the files on the Support Portal does include a description of each file:

Sorry about that!

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t aware of that.
The topic can then be closed, I guess.