Entry point not located in dynamic link library issue


I compiled a version of HDF5 1.10.4 on Windows 10 with CMake and Visual Studio 2013, including Fortran libraries and shared libraries.

Then I compile my fortran application with Intel Fortran, Visual Studio 2013 and the HDF5 libraries compiled earlier. The compilation runs without problem but I get the following error when running the executable (MyApplication.exe):

The procedure entry point H5GLOBAL_mp_H5T_NATIVE_DOUBLE could not be located in the dynamic link library MyApplication.exe

I precise that I don’t have this issue when using version 1.10.1, either with pre-compiled or self-compiled libraries, but since the compilation process changed between these versions I might have missed something.

I wonder if this issue is related to the fact that H5_BUILT_AS_DYNAMIC_LIB should be added somewhere, but I don’t really understand if this refers to the build of HDF5 or to my application. Howerver, I tried both with no success yet.

Does anyone has any clue about this issue ?

I eventually found the solution to this issue myself ! I “simply” was a DLL issue, if I copy the “hdf*.dll” files into the folder containg my executable it works fine.