Double folder in 1.14.2 CMake archive

The 1.14.2 CMake archives (both .tar.gz and .zip) seem to be differently structured than previous releases: They contain two “CMake-hdf5-1.14.2” folders (i.e. HDF5options.cmake is at CMake-hdf5-1.14.2\CMake-hdf5-1.14.2\HDF5options.cmake in the archive); in previous releases, there was only one subfolder (e.g., for, HDF5options.cmake is at CMake-hdf5-1.14.0\HDF5options.cmake).

Is this change intended? It makes it somewhat more complicated to use the archives in scripts in a unified fashion.

Sounds like a mistake, we’ll need to investigate.

Also, which URL was used to download the files?

They are linked to in the original post:
Edit: wrong links, here the correct ones I used:
Edit2: Also had forgot to mention explicitly in my first post that I’m talking about the CMake-* archives - corrected in above post as well!

Could you please try again and let us know?

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Looks good, thanks for looking into it!

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