Documentation for HDF5_Debug=all/trace

For one of my projects I’m investigating the HDF5 debug API and I’m looking for some more detailed documentation.

So far I’ve only found this one: I would like to find
further information especially about how to interpret the output from HDF5_DEBUG=all ./file and HDF5_DEBUG=trace

Below I’ve also listed some specific questions:

  • Is there a deeper explanation available for the output H5B: debugging B-trees (expensive) from HDF5_DEBUG=b?
  • Considering this example output from HDF5_DEBUG=o:
> 96
> 800
< 800
  • How to interpret the < and > signs and the following values?
  • Considering this example output from HDF5_DEBUG=trace:
    H5Fopen(filename=0x555643d212d8, flags=0, fapl=H5P_DEFAULT) = 16777216 (file);
  • Is it possible to get a value here instead of the pointer to filename? IMO, with only having this pointer it isn’t possible to debug after runtime…

I would really appreciate a more detailed documentation about this matter.

Hi Sophia,

Unfortunately, the debugging feature is not supported. The documentation you found is the only documentation available.

Thank you!