Delphi interface for hdf5.dll 1.8.19 & 1.10.1

Hello HDF5 users,

New versions of auto-generated HDF5 bindings for Delphi are available!
They are attached along with generator script.

1) Updated for HDF5 1.8.19 & 1.10.1.
2) Fixed handling of array-type arguments.

Support for further versions should in theory be available by simply running generator script.

In a hope this work is found useful,
Andrey Paramonov

hdf5dll-1.8.19.pas (207 KB)

hdf5dll-1.10.1.pas (232 KB) (29.2 KB)


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Excellent Andrey. It works well with Tokio 10.2.3

Can you tell me how to use these files?thanks

  1. Download the hdf5dll-1.10.1.pas and add it in your project as a new unit (this will be the HDF5 DLL wrapper)
  2. Create one variable of type THDF5Dll (object)
  3. Follow the HDF specification