Delphi interface for hdf5.dll 1.8.17 & 1.10.0-patch1

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

New versions of auto-generated HDF5 bindings for Delphi are available.
They are attached along with generator script.

1) Updated for HDF5 1.8.17 & 1.10.0-patch1.
2) Accurate translation of record type declarations.
3) Accurate support for enumeration types.
4) Zero-overhead dll function calls.

At this point Delphi bindings are considered complete. Support for further versions should in theory be available by simply running generator script.

In a hope you will find it useful,
Andrey Paramonov

hdf5dll-1.8.17.pas (205 KB)

hdf5dll-1.10.0-patch1.pas (224 KB) (29.1 KB)


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Can you tell me how to use these files?How to produce DLL files?thanks

Dear Andrey,

Thank you for the HDF5 bindings for Delphi. It is going to be very useful.
I’m a newbie in Delphi, though. Could you provide a small example with a piece of Delphi code to read/write something in a HDF5 file?