database to HDF5

I have an experiment name, say 'MY EXPERIMENT'. I would like to query several oracle database tables by that experiment name, say select * from table1 where experiment_name = ?
I will bind the ? in the query to 'MY EXPERIMENT' in each query. The oracle tables have varrays of various types and blobs. Some blobs are images (in one table) and some are H5 files or (right now) arbitrary data. I would like to take all this data and put it in a single HDF5 file (or a zip). I guess the experiment name will be the highest level, followed by the table names, followed by the data (unless you have a more brilliant way of doing it). Ultimately, this will be called by perl. Does anyone have source code or utilities that would help with this task? Adding new tables should very easy-like adding the table name to a list. Thanks. I am thinking the experiment name, the experiment name column, and the table names are what would be input to this program.

John Carlson