Data EXplorer 1.1 is ready

Thank you for all the suggestions regarding netCDF Explorer. This is new in this release:

1) Coordinate variables, if available for a dataset, are now shown in the horizontal and vertical axis.

2) Ability to select dimensions higher than 2. This is done by selecting the green arrows or widget with the dimension index located above the grid. Please see the image in this page

3) The product was renamed to Data Explorer. This is because it will support reading of data formats other than netCDF. Road map plans include supporting the HDF file format and the SQLite database format.

Data Explorer is an open-source project. Support for HDF and SQLite formats is a multi-year project, so we ask you for your financial support in helping build the best available multi platform (Mac, Linux, Windons) data reader.

This can be done by going to a PayPal page, by means of "Support the Project" button link on the main page

You may consider doing this a regular monthly contribution. We appreciate your support. Thank you !


Pedro Vicente