Creating many groups by reading a file

Hello All,

I am a newbie to hdf5 and using the C and Python (h5py) interface to
parse our csv/tsv research data into hdf5 format. So far, I have been
using h5py and its been great!

I am kind of stuck trying to create multiple groups. For example here
is how my csv file looks like:

Car, Model, Year, Price (header, so we can ignore but I will use this
for my hdf5 structure)
Honda, Accord, 2003, 23122
Honda, Civic, 2004, 13122
Honda, Accord, 2003, 22122

I would like my hdf5 datagroup to be like this:

/Car/Honda/Accord/2003/<have a table>
  inside the table:
    Honda, Accord, 2003, 23122
    Honda, Accord, 2003, 22122
/Car/Honda/Civic/2003/<have a table>
   Honda, Civic, 2004, 13122

I have been playing with

But was wondering if anyone has some sample code and source files I
can take a look at to help me out.



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