Converting a data from a list of files into a single hdf5 file

I got my data in separate files numbered in hundreds, say file_001, file_002,
to file_00N. Each file contains an array of vector of 128 dimension, but
these are generated from Matlab's dlmwrite function which writes files as
text, not in binary. What I need is I need to put all of these vectors from
all files into one single hdf5 file. So in the end, this hdf5 file will have
a millions of 128 dimension vector in one single dataset.

I have tried looking around how to do this, and I found

From h5import, I read that I need my data to be in binary first, and I could

use h5dump to do that. However, I tried re-read the documents a few times, I
got confused, espcially on the configuration file part.

So if I just want to achieve the above, how can I do that? Or must I use
some other tools?


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