Conversion of HDF data into GRIB2 format!

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Hi All Members!
                       I am trying to convert SST data of chinese satellite
FY2C which is available into HDF format to GRIB2 format, so that I can use
it into WRF model. I successfully converted data into text format in an
attempt to convert it into ASCII. Miss Barbara Jones sent me following

"Do you know if GRIB2 offers a way to import ASCII data?
With our hdp tool, you can 'dump' a dataset into an ASCII or binary file,
which you might then be able to import into GRIB2. For example:

  hdp dumpsds -s -d -n "data1" sd.hdf > & sd.asc

You can also use the -b and -o options to dump to binary:
hdp dumpsds -b -o sd.out -n data1 sd.hdf"

Now I have data into text format which according to you is representing
ASCII format not merely text format. Kindly, guide me how can I import it
into GRIB2 format?

Waiting for your reply!


*Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig,

*Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster of Ministry of Education,Nanjing*

*University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing 210044, P. R. China
*School of Atmospheric Physics*
*Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology 210044, P. R. China*
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