Construct HDF51.10.5 static execution program

These days, i need to build a standalone executable .exe file. My system is windows7. My language is fortran. I use visual studio2015 and intel visual fortran2016. My hdf5 version is 1.10.5 and the Cmake version is 3.14.2.
Firstly, I compile the HDF5 source with Cmake in order to get a HDF5 zip file which contains HDF5 lib. Secondly, I open the support of Fortran in HDF5options.cmake and i add a support “set (ADD_BUILD_OPTIONS “${ADD_BUILD_OPTIONS} -DBUILD_STATIC_CRT_LIBS:BOOL=ON”)” in HDF5option.cmake. Finally, i copy both the macro and option code into the root UserMacros.cmake file.
I click the build-VS2015-32.bat to generate the
So, i use the mode release win32 and the runtime-library is Multithreaded. I add the include file “D:\Program Files (x86)\HDF_Group\HDF5\1.10.5-win32\include\static”. I add library “D:\Program Files (x86)\HDF_Group\HDF5\1.10.5-win32\lib”. I add the dependencies “libszip.lib libzlib.lib libhdf5.lib libhdf5_fortran.lib libhdf5_f90cstub.lib”.
But, some errors appear.

I think maybe i get a wrong HDF5 libray which does not configure the static executable function successfully. I don’t know what went wrong with my steps. Hope for some advice.

Hope for some advice