Configuring HDFView on CentOS 8 from RPM


Installed RPM below for installing HDFview.
It appears that I need to provide some configuration info for the java app.
Getting following error on when starting.

Have also seen some permissions problems with RPM install.

f7ftl01{mhhall3}403: ./HDFView -Djava.awt.headless=true
Error: missing server' JVM at/opt/hdfview/lib/runtime/lib/server/’.
Please install or use the JRE or JDK that contains these missing components.

Any suggestions to correct?

Name : hdfview
Version : 3.2.0
Release : 1
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Tue 10 Jan 2023 01:48:43 PM EST
Group : Unspecified
Size : 256265285
License : Unknown
Signature : (none)
Source RPM : hdfview-3.2.0-1.src.rpm
Build Date : Tue 10 May 2022 01:04:04 AM EDT
Build Host :
Relocations : /opt
Vendor : The HDF Group
Summary : HDFView
Description :
A visual tool for browsing and editing HDF files


Unless, you need 1.12 features, stay with HDFView 3.1.4.
Can you use our HDFView binaries instead of using the centos rpm?