Concurrently displaying images from different data sources


I have a situation where I have a plugin data format that I mostly use for VisIt, but I also post-process data into another format (netCDF, which VisIt has a very nice plugin for). Both sets of data refer to the same space and time. However, the mesh extents are different between the data sets, and with the netCDF database (“Smart” reading) all of the cycles are 0 but the times are correct.

I’d like to be able to display, concurrently, both data sources, and do things like do volume rendering where I shaded a field form one data set with a field form the other one. What happens currently is: I can open both sets of data, and display fields from either; but when I try to display fields from both concurrently, I only get one. See below screenshots where I toggle between showing and hiding the pseudocolored surface data, which is from the cm1visit database (the other isosurfaces are form the netCDF database).

Is there a way to display data form both concurrently? It would be nice if VisIt just didn’t display “missing” data (from the data set that doesn’t go as high in the vertical) while showing everything else. If I had to, I could force both datasets to use an identical mesh, but I’d rather not. I have tried messing with “active source” and “active time slider” stuff but to no avail.


Hi Leigh,

Unless you think strongly otherwise, I think this is really a question for VisIt developers and users and not so much specific to HDF5…right? If you agree, would you mind submitting here?

Oops, I accidentally sent that to the wrong mailing list… my apologies!