Concurrent read of large dataset by multiple threads on Windows

Hello. My use case is an OPENMP application that need to read a large dataset in a h5 file (opened in read-only mode). I want to avoid a critical section where the threads read the dataset. Will SWMR allow this type of concurrent read? I want this to work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The control flows referred to by ‘W’ and ‘R’ in SWMR are (OS) processes, not threads. (That’s what OpenMP uses, right?)

What are the types/layouts of the dataset(s) you are trying to read? Are they compressed?


Yes OPENMP uses threading. The dataset is 3D double table with chunking. It is compressed with GZIP. Is there any chance of reading this table concurrently?

Yes, you can obtain the chunk addresses and size via H5Dget_chunk_info or H5Dget_chunk_info_by_coord. After that, you don’t need the HDF5 library anymore. You’ll have to decompress the chunks yourself, but that should be straightforward. G.