Compiling HDF5 1.8.14 with OUT the embedded build directory paths

I am building HDF5 1.8.14 from source in
C:/Users/mjackson/Workspace/hdf5-1.8.14 and I am "installing" into

The issues is arising when I try to compile another project (ITK) and tell
ITK that I want to use my own HDF5. Somehow ITK is finding the original
build directory for HDF5 and NOT where i have it installed.

So I dug out trusty "grep" and grepped the entire installation directory
for "mjackson" and sure enough it was found in every binary. I can only
assume that ITK is somehow using this information to attempt to out-smart
the developer and automagically set a path to the library.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to what might be done?

Also I noticed that the .DLL files are only installed into the "bin" folder
and not the "lib" folder. The that embedded path states that they are in a
"lib" folder which further messes things up.

Suggestions? I"ll cross-post to the ITK list to get their ideas also.



Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software
Principal Software Engineer Dayton, Ohio