Compiling H5CPP with Visual Studio 2017

After viewing the great webinar from January 2019, I am really excited to use H5CPP ( I am using it with Visual Studio 2017 and there are compiler errors. I have been able to overcome some of them but a couple of them, I have no idea how to overcome.

Before I go further with this topic, I am curious whether anyone on this forum has managed to compile H5CPP with VS2017? If so, then I will post where my problems lie to see if I can get help.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Chris,
I am the author of H5CPP and since the webinar a proud owner of a Windows OS. Perhaps you could send me the link/description of your stack – my suggestion is to use the latest HDF5 C lib, since Gerd Heber and I put effort to use the latest goodies in it. AFAIK it works fine, last year we did this with an enthusiastic developer: good result. – so I know it can be done.
You can post me the problems either here, or what is better: open a ticket on my github page – so if we figure this out ‘again’ it won’t be ‘lost’.

Also I have technology to cross the compiler to windows – so if you’re interested to try it we could get it done. Consider it as the reflection for C++ for today until compile time reflection is standardised and implemented.

best wishes: steven

As a followup to this thread, I worked with Steven to implement fixes to enable compilation of H5CPP using Visual Studio 2017. The improvements will be incorporated in the near future.