comedirecord with hdf5 support, data workflow questions

Hi all,

I've added hdf5 support to comedirecord which many people use to record
DAQ data.
please check out via git:
git clone git://

I've used the Packet Table API to save the data which looks like that
which works nicely:
HDF5 "test3.hdf" {
GROUP "/" {
    DATASET "comedirecord" {
          H5T_IEEE_F32LE "t_sec";
          H5T_IEEE_F32LE "dev0ch0_v";
          H5T_IEEE_F32LE "dev0ch1_v";
          H5T_IEEE_F32LE "dev0ch2_v";
       DATASPACE SIMPLE { ( 7251 ) / ( H5S_UNLIMITED ) }
       DATA {
       (0): {
       (1): {

So far so good.

Now, I've tried to import this into octave. This gives me a variable
"comedirecord" containing empty complex (!) entries but none of the
actual values. I've tried to specify the variables in the load command
but the load command just silently ignored them.

I've tried h5totxt:
bp1@bp1-x61:/tmp$ h5totxt test3.hdf
HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.4) thread 3078121680:
   #000: ../../../src/H5Dio.c line 174 in H5Dread(): can't read data
     major: Dataset
     minor: Read failed
   #001: ../../../src/H5Dio.c line 324 in H5D_read(): unable to set up
type info
     major: Dataset
     minor: Unable to initialize object

hdfview works but that's obviously pretty limited. From there I could
export to ASCII and then import into octave.

Anybody out there who has a working octave plugin to import data
generated by the packet data API?

Which programs are available which can comfortably view this data (like
an offline oscilloscope, scrolling in/out etc)?



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