Combine property


In the documentation there is a lot of properties for each type of “object”.

For example I can see H5P_SET_CREATE_INTERMEDIATE_GROUP property for link creation and object creation. But there is no such property for Dataset for example even I understand that Dataset should somehow be “derivative” from object and link.

What if I want to create dataset with all intermediate groups? Can somehow combine H5P_DATASET_CREATE class ID with H5P_LINK_CREATE (like H5P_DATASET_CREATE | H5P_LINK_CREATE) to achieve that?

Oh, that was completely inappropriate question as HDF5 provides API where where for each possible property there is a slot providede like in the:

hid_t H5Gcreate2( hid_t loc_id, const char *name, hid_t lcpl_id, hid_t gcpl_id, hid_t gapl_id )

The last three parameters are dedicated for different properties.