CMake Namespace of the HDF5 targets (1.10.7)

We have been using HDF5 1.10.4 for a while now without any problems. Today I started to compile that on Xcode 12.2 on macOS Big Sur and got some compile errors. Instead of figuring that out, I just decided to try out the 1.10.7 release (cloned directly from GitHub) which did compile successfully. Now when I try to configure out code against the 1.10.7 build I get a CMake error about missing HDF5 targets. We have been using targets such as hdf5::hdf5-shared but looking at the 1.10.7 build those targets are no longer namespaced in the hdf5:: namespace. Was there a new CMake option introduced between 1.10.4 and 1.10.7 that I need to select? I took a look and nothing really stood out as an option.

Thanks for any help
Mike Jackson

Did you set the namespace? HDF_PACKAGE_NAMESPACE
We always use the cacheinit.cmake file to build binaries.


Nope. That is what I was looking for. Thanks.