CMake Error. MPI HDF5 build required. dolfinx

when using cmake … for dolfinx package I have:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:238 (message):
Found serial HDF5 build, MPI HDF5 build required, try setting HDF5_DIR or

prusso@cname:/usr/local/HDF_Group/HDF5/1.15.0$ ls
bin cmake include lib share

that I installed from tarball on Ubuntu 22.04 not virtualized.

Any way to get dolfinx going with cmake?

1.15 is the development branch, so can I assume that you built hdf5 from source? If you need MPI, can I assume you enabled and built hdf5 with MPI?

I have a copy of openmpi source that I installed from source. I have a copy of hdf5 source I installed from source using cmake.

sudo make install

cmake -B build-dir .
cd build-dir
sudo make install

The dolfinx api c++ example I want to compile says hdf5 must be installed in mpi mode or it can’t compile the demo/poisson…