CMake does not generate HDF5-1.14."X"-win64.msi file

Hi this is my first post and my first time installing HDF5 in a windows machine.

I’m trying to install HDF5 in windows 10 using CMake. I’m following the steps in the INSTALL_CMake.txt using the command file

ctest -S HDF5config.cmake,BUILD_GENERATOR=VS202264 -C Release -VV -O hdf5.log

The installation seems to be successful and it passes all the tests. Still, I cannot find the HDF5-1.14."X"-win64.msi file that suppose to be created after the installation and that will generate the HDF_Group in \Program Files.

Could you help me to understand what is happening? How can I generate the msi file? Am I missing any step?


It will only create that file if it can find the WiX executable. Other wise it will just compress the install folder into a .zip file.

Thanks for the reply, I tested it and the wix executable seems Ok.

wix --version

But you are right, it is generating a .zip file. Is there something that I can do with it instead of using the .msi file ?

Sure you can unzip where you want it installed - just add the path to the bin folder to your env PATH.

And I have had trouble in the past with WiX and propably need to investigate a better msi creator.

CPack does not support WiX 4 yet.

Thanks for the support!
I followed your instructions but I still have some errors when calling HDF5

File or directory C:/Program
  Files/HDF_Group/HDF5/1.14.3/%ProgramFiles%/HDF_Group/HDF5/1.14.3 referenced
  by variable HDF5_BUILD_DIR does not exist !

I tried to avoid it by replicating the same folder structure as suggested in the INSTALL_CMake.txt file and adding it to the env PATH. But it’s still not working

Should I modify the installation in any way to link the HDF5_BUILD_DIR to the correct path?

Yes, the default for windows causes problems if the INSTALLDIR isn’t specified, I think I have fixed it in the recent development code - maybe.
Anyway look for the instances of INSTALLDIR in the HDF5config.cmake file to locate the problem. Make sure the .bat file sets it corectly - another place would be the HDF5options.cmake where it uses the INSTALLDIR to set the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.
Another choice might to be to not set the INSTALLDIR and go with the default?