Celebrating HDF5

Motto: "It is the stillest words that bring on the storm. Thoughts
        that come on doves' feet guide the world." (*)

Dear HDF users and dear PowerShell users,

While reports from HDF5 1.8.9 release parties are still
pouring in from all corners of the planet, we would like to
offer you this little chaser (**) called PSH5X. It is a Windows
PowerShell module for HDF5.

PSH5X is a productivity eXtension that builds on a tried and tested
foundation, HDF5. There was always this sobering moment after downloading
and installing the latest release: Wow, here I got this great new release.
Now what? vi ...c && gcc ... Yeah, right.
Very much like its famous cousins PyTables and h5py, PSH5X is, among
other things, another attempt at an out-of-the-box experience for HDF5.

Here is what we have done:

1. We've created a website for it at http://www.hdfgroup.org/projects/PSH5X

2. We brought free movie tickets. All you have to do is bring your own soda
   and popcorn (or beer and pretzels, if you live in Germany).
   We've hired a young talent, HDF5 and PSH5X user himself, from a famous
town in
   California, who was struggling with boredom in his North-Eastern
   to create this wonderful movie about PSH5X:


Go, get the bytes and let us know what you think!

Team PSH5X


(*) Nietzsche, Zarathustra II, The Stillest Hour,
    Translation by Walter Kaufmann

(**) 5. A quantity of water or other mild beverage taken after
     spirituous liquor. (Cf. chasse.) colloq. (orig. U.S.) Also fig.
     (OED, 2nd Ed.)