Can't open an H5 file in HDFView


The h5 file that I have has the exact same structure as an hdf5 file (As it is the exact same thing), but HDFView doesn’t recognize it as a valid format if it doesn’t have the .hdf5 extension. Can I somehow change it so it opens normally?


HDFView is able to open HDF5 files that have different extensions.

Does the name of the file contain non-ascii characters? HDFView will not be able to open a file with unicode characters in the name (or in the path to the file).

Can you view the file with h5dump or other HDF5 tools?



I was having problems with this for some time, but I left it as it wasn’t a priority. I’ve recently opened the code and it turns out I didn’t close the datatype id for one of my datasets and it messed the entire file up. For some reason it didn’t show me the error when I compiled it. Weird, but now it works just fine. Thank You for the response though!