Can't able to see the data in the Created .h5 file by using Compound data type

Hi Team,

We are using the following code to write the data into .h5 file using Compound data type.

int[,] values = new int[100, 2];

        for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
            values[i, 0] = i;
            values[i, 1] = 100 - i;

        HDFql.Execute("CREATE FILE Log4.h5");

		HDFql.Execute("USE FILE Log4.h5");

		HDFql.Execute("CREATE GROUP picasso ORDER TRACKED");

		HDFql.Execute("CREATE DATASET picasso/guernica AS COMPOUND (100) VALUES FROM MEMORY ");

		HDFql.Execute("CREATE ATTRIBUTE picasso/subject AS UTF8 VARCHAR VALUES(\"Les Demoiselles d'Avignon\")");

		HDFql.Execute("INSERT INTO picasso/guernica VALUES FROM MEMORY " + HDFql.VariableRegister(values));

		HDFql.Execute("CLOSE FILE");


The .h5 file is Created and attribute is also created with file size of 7KB but when we double click on dataset to see the data but it is not giving option to double click.Below is the screenshot attached.

In the following screenshot you can see the file size 7 KB with file name Log4 which is highlighted.


Finally we want to see the data inside the dataset in Log4.h5 file which we can’t able to see it right now.

Please kindly help us in resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @leelakrishna.k,

Looking at the code snippet you have posted, dataset guernica will never be created since its declaration is incorrect. To create a dataset of type compound, it needs to be composed by one or more members. An example to create a dataset named dset composed by two members (x as an integer and y as a float) in HDFql:


Hope it helps!