Cannot install HDFView.msi; is .exe version available?


I have previously used HDFView as installed from the .msi installer file.

However, a new IT Group Policy at my institution will not allow installs from .msi files.

Is there an .exe version of HDFView installer, or any near-term plans to make this available?



We provide an .exe version of the HDFView installer with release 3.1.2. You can get that from here:



Hi Barbara,
Thank you very much.

It is a coincidence that also today a colleague also pointed me to the 3.1.2 release with the .exe extension.

Unfortunately, the .exe installed version of HDFView is not working.

After the install, if I try to run the HDFView program, a black DOS Command window pops up for about a half-second and then disappears, with nothing else happening after that.

I noticed that someone else had also posted this issues in the forum not too long ago, but without resolution in the reply.

Do you know why this would be happening during the attempted launch of the HDFView program, after it seemingly installed OK?


HDFView 3.1.2 issues and regressions

It could be a permissions issue. Try executing the HDFView.exe from the install location in a cmd window.



We created scripts for launching HDFView. Can you try the windows script (hdfview.bat) to see if it solves your problem? See the portal page for more information:

The direct link to the scripts is: