Building HDF4 on Graviton2 (aarch64): Any patches?



I’m wondering/hoping that someone out there might have a nice patch I can borrow/steal/gratefully use for this.

Namely, I’m trying to build HDF4 on a Graviton2 (Amazon’s Arm processor) node on AWS. The issue is that I’m pretty sure HDF4 never knew about aarch64 and so needs patching to work. I already know the config.guess it contains is too old, but that’s easy to find. I’m more in need of help with all the rest.

Now, I tried my best to, say, unpack Fedora’s hdf4 SRPM, as they build on aarch64, but as far as I can read, their patch depends on older patches they carry for sparc, ppc, arm, etc.

So, I was wondering if anyone had a nice patch set that just takes stock hdf 4.2.15 and fixes all the source to allow aarch64 to build?

Plus side is HDF5, netCDF, etc. all seem just fine on the machine (as long as you don’t build, say, netCDF with HDF4 support).


Help building HDF4 with Clang: error: implicit declaration of function 'test_mgr_szip' is invalid in C99

It seems like the Fedora guys maintain an aarch64 port: patches available here.


@matthew.thompson, please check my patches and GitHub workflows:

Credit: @tchaik