Attribute content


I have been using HDF5 from few weeks.
I came up with the doubts about attribute field related to the dataset.

In the above image we you can see that " _i_table " field is generated corresponding to the ‘table dataset’.
Following are my concerns with came up regarding this field.

  • " _i_table " is this Attribute field

  • what is the data inside the attribute field

  • why I am not able to look into the elements of attribute field,it is popping up error

  • what is the size if attribute field ,doe it vary with the size of dataset

  • How can I optimally use this attribute field for my data analysis related to those hdf5 files

If this is the beta, try the pre-release candidate.

Hi bryn

This is not beta.
My queries are not regarding the version.they are regarding the properties oh HDF5.