assert errors when adding dataset to h5 file created via HDFView

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Under some circumstances, I'm seeing an assertion errors when I create
a new dataset inside a sample HDF5 file I'd created using HDFView

Platform: Windows XP 64bit

HDF5 version: 1.8.5-patch1 (and 1.8.5), recompiled to disable SZIP

HDFView version: 2.6.1 for Windows XP

Attached is a sample application and a H5 file that result in me
getting the following assertion errors when I try to create the dataset:

Assertion failed: elem, file ..\..\..\src\H5FL.c, line 1876
Assertion failed: H5F_sfile_head_g == ((void *)0), file
..\..\..\src\H5Fsfile.c, line 65

More detail on the oddness...

In the sample H5 file, I've created some groups / datasets that I'm
using in unit tests for a wrapper around HDF5lib that I'm writing.

In the sample application, I open the file,create a group '/newGroup',
and try to create a dataset '/newGroup/newDataset' which results in
the above assertion failures

However, if I create the dataset beneath a pre-existing group in the
H5 file, either '/group1/newDataset' or just in the root
'/newDataset', I _do not_ get the assertion failures.

Also, if I create an empty H5 file via my application and then add the
'/newGroup' and '/newGroup/newDataset', I _do not_ get the assertion

So... is this some weird mismatch between the properties with which
HDFView created the groups in the test file vs. how I've got the
properties when I create '/newGroup'? What do I do to fix it?

Steve Christensen