Are H5DOread_chunk, H5DOwrite_chunk and H5DOappend available in 1.10.4?


I am looking to use SWMR and the SWMR doc page lists H5DOappend as a function that can be used to add new data to a dataset. I have the source code for 1.10.4 but I could not find H5DOappend, H5DOread_chunk or H5DOwrite_chunk. Are they part of the library yet?

If they are not, are the functions H5Pget_append_flush and H5Pset_append_flush also moot as they help configure the callback to be fired when H5DOappend is called?



Hi Dinesh,

I am using the exact same version for H5CPP, these calls are renamed to H5Dwrite_chunk, H5Dread_chunk …



Hi Steven,
Thanks for your response. I noticed that H5Dread_chunk/write_chunk are available in the H5D package. The Release notes for 1.10.3 also mention it but the doc does not appear to be appended.

However, there is no equivalent H5Dappend. Does this mean that the get/set_append_flush methods though available currently have no purpose?



H5DO* are not part of the HDF5 Core library and instead in the HDF5 High Level library. You need to make sure you include:

#include "hdf5_hl.h


Hi Dinesh,
from 1.10.4 the optimized chunks are in the main CAPI, because H5CPP has its own append mechanism I don’t know use that call. However grepping the source files tells that H5Oappend is in high level api – which makes sense, since the base CAPI never provided append operator in former releases.
If you’re relying on it then you have to include the hdf5_hl.h and link against the relevant lib.


Thanks Steven and Christian,
I did not realize that the source code for these function was in the hl/src folder. I was grepping the regular /src folder for these functions.

I believe I am all set for now then.