Announcing PyTables 3.2.2

We are happy to announce a new bug-fix release for PyTables.

Bug fixed



- Fix AssertionError in Row.__init_loop. See :issue:`477`.
- Fix issues with Cython 0.23. See :issue:`481`.
- Only run `tables.tests.test_basics.UnicodeFilename` if the filesystem
  encoding is utf-8. Closes :issue:`485`.
- Fix missing missing PyErr_Clear. See :issue:`#486`.
- Fix the C type of some numpy attributes. See :issue:`494`.
- Cast selection indices to integer. See :issue:`496`.
- Fix indexesextension._keysort_string. Closes :issue:`497` and :issue:`498`.

In case you want to know more in detail what has changed in this
version, please refer to:

For an online version of the manual, visit:

**Enjoy data!**

-- The PyTables Developers

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