ANN: JHDF5 11.09 released

Announcing JHDF5 11.09:



Today, we released JHDF5 version 11.09, a high-level library for HDF5
written in Java, which builds on HDF5 1.8.7 and contains some code of
HDF-Java 2.7. The most important changes are:

* Improvements for working with compound data sets
* Add JHI5 low-level Java wrappers from the HDF Group's HDF-Java 2.7
library. Now cisd-jhdf5.jar can be used as a drop-in replacement for
jhdf5.jar from HDF-Java to run, e.g. HDFView
* Support for storing time stamps and time durations in compounds and
* A set of bug fixes across the board, including the fix for HDF5 bug #7638

Full change log:

Library documentation: