ANN: HDF5 for Python 2.1.0 BETA

Announcing HDF5 for Python (h5py) 2.1 BETA



We are proud to announce the availability of HDF5 for Python (h5py) 2.1-beta.
HDF5 for Python (h5py) is a general-purpose Python interface to the
Hierarchical Data Format library, version 5. HDF5 is a mature scientific
software library originally developed at NCSA, designed for the fast,
flexible storage of enormous amounts of data.

From a Python programmer's perspective, HDF5 provides a robust way to

store data, organized by name in a tree-like fashion. You can create
datasets (arrays on disk) hundreds of gigabytes in size, and perform
random-access I/O on desired sections. Datasets are organized in a
filesystem-like hierarchy using containers called "groups", and
accessed using the traditional POSIX /path/to/resource syntax.

H5py 2.1-beta is available for Unix and Windows. The beta period will last
approximately 2 weeks. Comments and suggestions are welcome, either at the
project issue tracker or on the mailing list (h5py at Google Groups).

Downloads, FAQ and bug tracker are available at Google Code:

* Google code site:

Documentation is available at


What's new in h5py 2.1

* The HDF5 Dimension Scales API is now available, along with high-level
  integration with Dataset objects. Thanks to D. Dale for implementing this.

* Unicode scalar strings can now be stored in attributes.

* Dataset objects now expose a .size property giving the total number of

* Many bug fixes.