64bit HDF5DotNet.dll available?

Hi Jesse,

I would love to get a 64bit version of the HDFDotNet.dll if you got one.




I've been working on updating the .NET project file. I sent some

updates over to Mike McGreevy at the HDFGroup. It included updates to

use v1.8.5 and better ability to compile for x86 or x64 etc. I added

support for some additional functions that were missing too, such as

H5L.exists and H5A.exists.

In my version of the project file, I've also started updating the method

name capitalization and some general cleanup to the code. Typical style

guides for .NET have method names beginning with a capital letter, so

I've started updating that in the project file since most of them in the

original one were lower case, but some were uppercase.

If anyone is interested, I can finish the capitalization updates and

send it out to whomever is interested, assuming the HDFGroup doesn't

have a problem with that.



On 7/23/2010 1:25 AM, Chris Daily wrote:

* *

* Hi all, I'm trying to move an app that uses the HDF5 .Net wrapper to *

* a x64 build. All the core HDF5 dlls are easy to find but there *

* doesn't seem to be any mention of an x64 HDF5DotNet.dll version. I *

* had a go at just using the existing HDF5DotNet.dll, but it seems to be *

* only 32bit. Do I need to recompile the source to a x64 target? Has *

* anyone done this?*

* *

* Thanks,*

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* Chris*

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