4 Test Failed installing HDF5 with CMake


Hi Folks,

My first post here :slight_smile:

How can I fix these test to pass or can I continue without worry?

99% tests passed, 4 tests failed out of 2221

Total Test time (real) = 138.82 sec

The following tests FAILED:
19 - H5TEST-accum (Failed)
576 - H5IMPORT-STR-H5DMP_CMP (Failed)
712 - H5REPACK-deflate_file (Failed)
713 - H5REPACK-deflate_file_DFF (Failed)
(base) mad380@Marlons-MacBook-Air CMake-hdf5-1.13.1 %


It depends, you need to inspect the failures.
713 fails because 712 failed. And 712 likely failed because of a problem with a filter.
576 depends on another test (likely 575) that may not have failed but the output is wrong.
19 could be any number of issues, need to see the failure.