2D Compound DS using Java API


I was trying to create a 2D H5 file with a Compound DS for my project using
HDF object package API. All the data values that I store in my H5 file are

My compoundDatatype contains 3 String members. I wish to store such a
compoundDatatype in 2D space.

I stored the required string contents in *dset_data*

*byte[][][] dset_data = new byte[DIMX][DIMY][];*

The following line is used to write *dset_data *into H5 file.

*H5.H5Dwrite(dataset_id, memtype_id, HDF5Constants.H5S_ALL,
HDF5Constants.H5S_ALL, HDF5Constants.H5P_DEFAULT, dset_data); *
Once H5 file is created, I tried viewing the content using HFD-view. It was
found the data in the file are junk values. I make some kind of mistake
while writing the content to the H5 file. May I know, What I am missing out
right here.

Hope this is the right place to find a solution. If not, plz redirect me
where I can find my solution.

Thanks and regards,