writing object reference dataset with mpi

Hi everybody, Writing object reference dataset with mpi was ok with hdf5-1.10.4. I had not troubles doing this and the hdf5 files were perfectly readable. I did that using the h5py python package.
I switched to another machine and install the latest hdf5 release 1.12.0.

Then I got now a python error message that comes from hdf5 library saying:

Parallel io does not support writing VL or region reference datatypes yet <<
This is issued by H5Dio.c when doing some tests with mpi writing (line 658).
H5Dio.c has changed between 1.10.4 and 1.12.0 in the way it tests wether the file structure is compatible or not with parallel writing.
It seems that writing object reference is now viewed as writing region reference and rejected while it was accepted before.
Thanks for your help