Window,HDF 1.8.1 Problems building FORTRAN applications using HDF DLL's

Hi HDF people,

I started from the binary HDF 1.8.1 distribution for Windows XP and am using Intel Fortran 10 and Visual C++ 2005.

I created a Intel Project from scratch using the defaults and I used one of the simple examples (dsetexample.f90 from the examples area) , linking against the HDF and FORTRAN DLL's from the ia32\dll area.

When I run the F90 example, I get HDF errors ( on stderr) for nearly all calls to the fortran HDF API. The errors seem to indicate some problems in passing parameters. That is the underlying C layer is getting garbage values for the parameters passed from the FORTRAN layer.

But, If I link against the static HDF FORTRAN/C libraries (ia32/lib), the examples run with no problems at all!
( Apart from needing to rebuild ZLIB for a static multithreaded libraries but that is another story!)

I have checked that a simple C program links and runs when using the HDF C DLL's, so the problem appears to be in the FORTRAN DLL layer- or perhaps I need some special setting in the Intel FORTRAN settings to use the HDF FORTRAN DLLs...

Anyone else done this before....I suspect I am missing some trick!



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