Version for Windows 10 with VS2010

I have a Fortran code written on Windows machines with VS2010 that I am modifying to run on Unix HPC systems and Macs. Part of this involves modifying a restart data file to HDF5 for portability amongst the machines. The HPC system has HDF5 1.8.16 installed. I have 1.8.21 on the Mac and have the Fortran code working with it. Which version should I install on the Windows machines to be compatible with what I’m doing on the Mac and the HPC system? It sounds like I need binaries compiled with VS2010–is that correct?

We do test hdf5 builds on a windows 7 VS2010 machine but without Fortran. Although, our intention is to drop support for Visual Studio versions under 2015 by the end of the year.
HDF5 data files should be independent of platform, and code should be portable to newer versions of Visual Studio. Can you rebuild your code with a newer version of VS, like at least 2015?

We can provide other solutions if you can inform us of your requirements.


We keep old binaries on our ftp server. I found binaries for HDF5-1.8.14 that were built with VS 2010 with Fortran. You can find those here:

If those don’t work, there may be something else we can try.

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Hi–I’ll try the 1.8.14 binaries to see if they work. Thanks!