Unresolved external symbol error on creating HDF5 File under C++

Hi there,

Under C++ I want to create a new HDF5 file by the following method (which is
contained within the class CHDF5FileWriter):

void CHDF5FileWriter::Open()




            file = new H5File(_filename.c_str(), H5F_ACC_TRUNC);

            group = new Group(file->createGroup(_groupName.c_str()));


      catch (H5::Exception &ex)



            delete file;

            delete group;



On linking with Visual Studio 2005 I get an LNK2001 error which says that
the H5::FileCreatPropList::DEFAULT symbol and the
H5::FileAccPropList::DEFAULT symbol cannot be resolved. These symbols are
implicitly used by the H5File constructor. I included the
hdf5_cppdll.lib/.dll and the hdf5dll.lib/.dll files as well as the "H5Cpp.h"
by the #include directive. The compiler doesn't complain and the code
completion feature of VS2005 finds those symbols too. Did I forget any
library file or namespace to provide?

I use the HDF5 library version 1.8.4. patch 1 for Windows 32-bit and Visual
Studio 2005.

Thanks in advance,


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